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Sound Healing

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Sound Healing has been practiced by indigenous cultures since the beginning of time. It continues to be a primary pathway to wellness for most of the world. In utero, sound prompts us to grow. Sound transports us, alters mood, affects brain waves and behavior. Everything alive carries a vibration. So do you. Because you are  about 70% fluid at any given time, you benefit from the fact that sound travels five times more efficiently through fluid than it does through space. Your organ systems vibrate at healthy and unhealthy frequencies. Because you’re a human being, you entrain to the highest vibration in your environment, whether healthy or un-healthy. For these reasons, sound healing can be a profound and transcendent experience.

Sacred Chanting and Sound Healing

There are reasons the lullaby is so effective at soothing the baby. As human beings we all carry, feel and respond to vibration. Like a fine musical instrument, when we get stressed we get out of tune.What are we out of tune with? Our basic goodness. The vastness of our mind. The inexhaustible well of peace within. The pure and simple joy that comes from being with like-minded souls who know how to hold sacred space. Come, feel the healing power of your own voice renew you. Then lay your head down and rest while ancient Himalayan singing bowls that have been entrained to heal cover you with their soothing vibrations. No previous singing or chanting experience required.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Private Sessions

Private Sound Healing sessions with Elesa are available in our beautiful, light filled loft at Touching Earth. Centuries old handmade singing bowls, used solely for healing purposes, are placed around and on the body while ancient sanskrit mantras are chanted. Soothing organic essential oils infuse the surrounding prana with aromas that travel directly to the limbic system of the brain – the seat of emotion. When you have a private session with Elesa, you relax, fully-clothed, on a comfortable massage table while bowls and a gong encourage you to travel within and heal. The experience is sublime and must be experienced firsthand.

Sessions last about 60 minutes. $195 per session.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing with no metal (zippers, buttons or buckles). All jewelry – except for wedding rings – should be removed for optimal benefit.

Contact Elesa directly to schedule:

The Altar of Sound®

You’re invited to leave your cares and concerns at the Altar of Sound. Ancient, indigenous healing instruments, including hundreds year old authentic, handmade Himalayan singing bowls from Tibet, a Paiste gong, handmade chimes from the Pyrenees mountains in France, as well as Elesa’s voice create a musical landscape that is never repeated twice. Native American Flutist Lori Norman, blesses us with the voice of the wind and more. Didgeridoo, Moyos, Mouth Harps, Frame Drums, Rattles, Rain Sticks, Tuning Forks, Temple Bells, Whistles, Kalimba and other instruments are played. Every time you repeat your experience of this level of mind/body/spirit bliss, the brain creates ever more reliable neuronal pathways to renewal, wellness and joy.

In group sessions, you lay comfortably on the floor supported by props or you can sit in a chair. The instruments are played around and over you. You feel the instruments’ vibration traveling through you. The density of the physical body is transcended. The sound is kept soft and subtle, rhythmic, relaxing, renewing.