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Willing to Listen – Chicago “Listening” Stations


Recently, I had the opportunity to have someone sit across from me while I talked about my personal experiences (positive and not-so-positive) of the past week. This person didn’t say anything. She greeted me. She said, “I’m here to listen to what you have to say.”

Then she let me talk. She didn’t make any comments. She didn’t try to finish my sentences. She didn’t roll her eyes or give a sarcastic smile.

She gave me her undivided, whole attention. She nodded. Her eyes were warm. She gave me a sweet smile. And, she just let me untangle my thoughts and feelings unobstructed.

It was liberating. It was comforting. It was clarifying.

For the month of May, anybody in the greater Chicago area can have this same powerful experience. It’s being called “Willing to Listen” and is sponsored by the Deep Calm at Touching Earth. There is no cost to participate, and several listening stations will be available throughout the month. You can learn more by reading the press release.

My dear teacher and The Deep Calm’s/Touching Earth’s founder, Elesa Commerse, is this idea’s creator. Here’s why she’s passionate about “deep listening.”

“We are living in very stressful times. One of the most powerful and healing things we can do as a human being is to fully see and hear each other without passing judgment or reacting. For many of us, daily life has become a big exercise in training how not to give any one thing our undivided attention. As human beings, we are left feeling fractured, lonely, isolated, unseen and unheard. ‘Willing to Listen’ is a way to reclaim our power as human beings to be there for each other through the simple act of listening.”

All “deep listeners” receive free training in deep listening and mindful speaking. If you’re interested in listening and/or hosting a listening station, call 773.777.7754 or e-mail:


Posted by Missy Baker, a long-time student of Elesa Commerse.
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Posted May 4, 2013

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