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Being vs. Doing

I apologize for not posting for so long. The demands of life (work, travel, kid birthday, sick cat) ramped up over the past two months. But, I’m back, and it feels good.

We’ve been talking recently in Elesa’s Deep Study class about living in a place of “being” rather than “doing.” It’s kind of a hard concept to wrap my brain around. But, now that I’ve sat with it for a few weeks, I feel like it’s sunk in a little.

I think it can be compared to living more from your soul and less in your mind, which is a concept that is/was foreign to me.  It’s becoming less strange, but it’s not my “go to” mode of living. It sounds kind of wacky, huh?

But, I’ve found that it’s more peaceful, more comforting to know I have a life force inside of me that I can rely on. My doing brain, which is constantly churning thoughts because that’s its job, is reliable for certain things. But, not necessarily for providing authentic guidance on the more abstract things in life:  being fulfilled, making potentially life/death decisions (like with my cat), making decisions based on reality and not what I’ve imagined people need/want/expect.

Being vs. Doing: there is a way to live our lives more consciously and to deepen our connection with others vs. the way of life that moves fast, stays busy, and perhaps misses out on the very things that bring joy and contentment.

Posted by Missy Baker, a long-time student of Elesa Commerse.

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Posted Dec. 2, 2012

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