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A Musician’s Breath

I just watched one of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday programs. If you’ve never seen one and are at all interested in spirituality, you have got to check this out. Very cool stuff – Oprah and a guest have conversations about spirituality and life – the kind of conversations that I love having with people; conversations that help us think differently.

Oprah was speaking with Gary Zukav, author and founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute. Gary describes his philosophy about the soul. I had not heard this before, and it struck such a cord in me.

“While we’re here, the goal and the purpose of being here is to align our personalities with our souls. When that happens, the intentions of the soul flow through you like the breath of a musician through a flute.”

Can you imagine what your life would feel like if you could hear your soul’s intentions?  I bet you would literally feel lighter without the weight of an outer shell. What a sense of great, endless joy you would feel.

Dr. Jean Houston was another guest and her comment about the soul also made my heart smile: “It’s the lure of our becoming.”

In other words, the soul entices us to become who we really are at our core – minus the fears, worries, habits, jealousies and put-downs. And the reward for doing this?  I would imagine more peace and more love for your life and who you are.

Can you think of anything more satisfying?


Posted by Missy Baker, a long-time student of Elesa Commerse.
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Posted January 24, 2014

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